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We supply Trim Seals and Rubber Extrusions for virtually every purpose you can think of. We specialise in selling extrusions off the roll, which means that small amounts can be purchased as well as complete rolls.

We believe in the old fashioned idea of selling quality products at a reasonable price whilst providing the customer with a genuine service.

We provide a FREE Sourcing Service and can source products from over 1,000 different profiles. You can send us a 'small' sample, email us a picture (with dimensions), send a diagram or ink print of the end of the profile and from this we will be able to source the correct / nearest trim for you to meet your needs (Trim profiles cross over for many purposes e.g. showers, garage doors, boats, aircraft etc, etc) Please supply us with as much information as possible (i.e. where and how fitted and on what vehicle etc). We will then send you samples / profiles to ensure you are satisfied before you order. We do not want you to buy the wrong trim and be disappointed.

Our catalogue shows profiles as near to actual size as possible, unless otherwise stated. We are constantly sourcing new profiles and are able to arrange for new dyes to be cut for unobtainable profiles. This can be very costly and will depend on the costs of setting-up the die and minimum production runs. We do not hold every profile in stock and unfortunately, some profiles may become discontinued after we have printed the catalogue. Compound information covering the different rubbers and their properties is available to customers on request.

When you have looked through the catalogue, contact us to discuss your requirements and/or to place your order

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