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We supply Trims, Seals and Rubber Extrusions for almost every eventuality! The launch of our website now brings another level of convenience to our customers, alongside our already renowned customer service satisfaction and exhaustive range of profiles. We will, over the coming months, make every profile available to be bought from our website. Adding over 1,000 different profiles will take a little time.

We have divided the site into two sections, the Classic Mini Shop and the Main Catalogue.

Classic Mini Shop
Measured lengths of trims and seals for the Classic Mini which we have been selling for 21 years. The Classic Mini shop is already live and ready for business.

Main Catalogue
1,000 individual profiles sold by the metre/length. Our Catalogue shows profiles as near to actual size as possible, unless otherwise stated.

To download a printable (to scale) version of our catalogue, please click here